Ventriloquy is the art of arts, including sculpture, painting, writing, music, dance, acting, puppetry, mimicry, clowning, clockwork, not to leave unmentioned  magical misdirection, voice juggling, and "dummy" roots in dumbshow.

Scared Kid Ventriloquy Polyphony & Mime Fox                                                                  Raccoon
Lost Art of Ventriloquy

I adhere to a very strict definition of ventriloquist doing ventriloquism or ventriloquy, the art or skill of producing vocal sounds that seem to come from somewhere other than the speaker, as follows:

One who recognizes and calls puppets as figures or manikins {little men}, or other appropriate names for personable wooden dummys, not inanimate, impersonal dummies, lending voice and hand to bring spirit puppets to life in wood form only, however sculpted, with few slots other than for head and mouth to honor history of the art form and well-made dummy as a work of art itself;

One who recognizes and uses the …